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ResearchaccessResearch Requests

Thank you for choosing Haskell Cultural Center and Museum for your Haskell and Native American research. To help us serve you, we ask you to provide us with as much information as possible. Please fill in all blanks and provide information on the topics or people you are researching.

There are two ways in which patrons can conduct research at HCCM.

1. Patrons can mail or fax in research request forms and our staff will conduct the research. Research fees of $10/hour will be charged in addition to the cost of reproduction of photographs for all research conducted on your behalf by the staff of the HCCM. You may fax and/or mail your form to the Haskell Cultural Center and Museum 155 Indian Ave Box 5013 Lawrence, KS 66046 or fax 785-832-6687.

2. Patrons can set up appointments and come to research at HCCM. There is no research fee for coming to HCCM to conduct research. Appointments must be made a week ahead of time to ensure times and staff are available.

We will fulfill research requests within 1-2 weeks of receiving the forms. Questions may be directed to HCCM at 785-832-6686, Monday through Friday, 10 am. to 5 pm. The museum is closed during lunch and on all national holidays.


Photocopies of materials may be requested. The cost for this service is $.10 per black/white copy and $1.00 per color copy. All fees must be paid in full prior to copies being produced.

Reproductions (see Ordering Photographs from the Haskell Cultural Center and Museum)


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Ordering photographs from the Haskell Cultural Center and Museum

Digital images | Archival quality inkjet prints | Rinehart platinum prints | Rights and Reproductions Guidelines

Digital Images

The Haskell Cultural Center and Museum can make digital images of the photographs in the Haskell Photo Collection or the Frank A. Rinehart Photo Collection. We can make high resolution images in TIFF format for either use in a publication or to frame as an art print. The cost of a digital image is $50. It can be sent to you through FTP or burned onto a CD-ROM.

Please fill out the attached order form identifying the image you are requesting.

Archival Quality Inkjet Prints

The staff can make high quality archival inkjet prints from a digital image from our collections. They can be reproduced onto high quality acid-free photocopy paper, or photographic paper. The cost per print depends on the paper, and ranges from $1-50. Sizes are 8 ½ x 11, 8 x 10, or 11 x 17.

Rinehart Platinum Prints Available

Make a donation of $1,000 to the Haskell Cultural Center, and receive a unique and superbly crafted platinum print made from the original glass negative made by Frank A. Rinehart and Adolph Muhr. These are historical images made at the 1898 Trans-Mississippi Exposition and Indian Congress in Omaha, NE. We will provide documentation of the donation for tax purposes made to this tax exempt organization.

Each image is hand-coated with a platinum emulsion and printed on a 12" x 15" sheet of 100% fiber-based heavyweight paper, stamped, numbered, and signed by master platinum printer Jon Blumb.

The platinum process is remarkable for its tonal range, and it actually is absorbed into the fiber-based paper, giving the image a three-dimensional effect. If a silver photographic image has ten shades of gray between black and white, platinum has over 40 shades.

Each 8" x 10" glass negative is contact printed, giving amazing detail and clarity on the finished print.

It is also incredibly stable—each print can last can last thousands of years if it is well cared for and protected from environmental damage like direct sunlight, water, and careless handling. Platinum is chemically as stable as gold.

Prices effective 12/10

Rights and Reproduction Guidelines

The Haskell Cultural Center and Museum charges a use fee for images we supply for publication, distribution, or exhibition in any format, including print and electronic media. Use fees help support our museum the work we do to collection, preserve, and exhibit Haskell cultural material. We may choose to waive or reduce the use fees for non-profit or scholarly publications. All requests for fee waivers or reductions must be put in writing and sent to the museum.

In return for the use fee payment, the museum grants permission for one-time, one-language, non-exclusive, worldwide us of an image. Re-use or resale of any image in another publication, edition, format, or language is prohibited. Fees do not include the cost of image reproductions either as prints or digital media.

For electronic media, one-time use means that once an electronic product has been published, distributed or exhibited, you may not reformat, redesign, or otherwise alter the disks or screens on which the image appears, nor re-use the image in other products, nor allow others to use it. Digital reproductions must have a final resolution no greater than 72 dpi. Broadcast rights are not granted in perpetuity.

Still images

Print run less than 1,000 $50 (cover or jacket: $100)
Print run greater than 1,000 $100 (cover or jacket: $250)
Online display $50
Exhibit display or kiosk $50
Feature film, television, video, CD Please contact us for rates
Non-profit organizations No charge


Please submit your request to the Haskell Cultural Center and Museum on the attached Digital Image Order and Permission Request Form to:

Museum Curator
Haskell Cultural Center and Museum
Haskell Indian Nations University
155 Indian Ave.
Lawrence, KS 66046

We accept payment by money order or personal check on an American bank payable to the Haskell Cultural Center and Museum. International money orders must be payable in U.S. dollars. Fees are non-refundable. When paid, the Permission Request Form or Use Agreement will constitute official authorization.