Beyond the Reach of Time and Change:
The Photographs of Frank Rinehart and Adolph Muhr American Indian Portraits 1898-1900.

This display of newly printed platinum photographs document the Trans-Mississippi Exposition and Indian Congress in Omaha, NE, in 1898. While Rinehart made photographs of the World’s Fair events and buildings, Muhr photographed the people who attended the Indian Congress from over 35 different nations. Haskell owns the 809 glass plate negatives that were the result of this documentation. We also have published a book called Beyond the Reach of Time and Change that was edited by Simon Ortiz, with essays contributed by contemporary Native artists, writers, and teachers. The Rinehart/Muhr photographs depict one of the best photographic documentations of Indian leaders at the turn of the century. These are portraits which reflect individual personalities with dignity, pride, and honor. This exhibit is intended to be a dialog between the American Indians photographed in the past and people living today, both Native and non-Native.



Rinehart Platinum Prints Available

Make a donation of $1,000 to the Haskell Cultural Center, and receive a unique and superbly crafted platinum print made from the original glass negative made by Frank A. Rinehart and Adolph Muhr. These are historical images made at the 1898 Trans-Mississippi Exposition and Indian Congress in Omaha, NE. We will provide documentation of the donation for tax purposes made to this tax exempt organization.

Each image is hand-coated with a platinum emulsion and printed on a 12" x 15" sheet of 100% fiber-based heavyweight paper, stamped, numbered, and signed by master platinum printer Jon Blumb.

The platinum process is remarkable for its tonal range, and it actually is absorbed into the fiber-based paper, giving the image a three-dimensional effect. If a silver photographic image has ten shades of gray between black and white, platinum has over 40 shades.

Each 8" x 10" glass negative is contact printed, giving amazing detail and clarity on the finished print.

It is also incredibly stable—each print can last can last thousands of years if it is well cared for and protected from environmental damage like direct sunlight, water, and careless handling. Platinum is chemically as stable as gold.


Prices effective 11/09