University Vision 2008

Institutional Values and Code

To be responsible, accountable, and dependable for our conduct, behavior, and attitudes as we strive for excellence in our respective roles.

To honor the diversity of beliefs, rights, responsibilities, culture, and accomplishments of self and others.

To work with one another to accomplish good for Haskell Indian Nations University and for the American Indian/Alaska Native Nation

To be truthful and open in our relationships with employees, students, and with each other.

Institutional Code

Haskell Indian Nations University supports a campus environment in which traditional American Indian/Alaska Native cultural values of respect, cooperation, honesty, and responsibility are modeled by all University employees and students in day-to-day activities, conduct, behavior, and attitudes.

All employees, students, and representatives of Haskell Indian Nations University will:

  1. Treat all other employees, students and others with respect.
  2. Work together to improve and strengthen communications; employee, administrative, and student relations; institutional processes and procedures; and the learning environment of Haskell Indian Nations University.
  3. Be truthful in conduct behavior, and attitudes and trust others to do the same.
  4. Be accountable for words, thoughts, and deeds and engage in conduct and behavior that reflects the institutional values of the University.