Institution Values & Code

The CIRCLE values recommended by Faculty Senate in 2007 were adopted by the National Haskell Board of Regents on October 8, 2014. These values reflect traditional Native American teachings that place the circle of life at the center of all knowledge. The circle philosophy is symbolic of a medicine wheel, used to represent a range of tribal teachings, including concepts of balance, the sacredness and power in the universe and the spirituality and cultures of Native peoples.

This philosophy was the basis for the creation of the Haskell Medicine Wheel during the Nation’s quincentennial in 1994. The Haskell Medicine Wheel is adjacent to the Haskell-Baker wetlands on the southern edge of campus and has a long history of being a site for meditation, prayer and ceremony. Since 1992, Haskell has embraced the inclusion of the diverse cultural philosophies, world views, knowledge and experiences of Indigenous Peoples in curricular and co-curricular programs available to students at Haskell.

Institutional Values – CIRCLE

To successfully convey ideas, opinion, information, results, or creative expression using multiple strategies.

To conduct ourselves in ways that honor the sacrifices of tribes on which treaty and trust responsibilities are based; and to carry out our responsibilities as students, staff, faculty, administrators and regents by engaging in actions based on the highest standards of conduct.

To honor and promote the diversity of beliefs, rights, responsibilities, cultures, accomplishments of self and others, including all of our relations.

The willingness and ability to work successfully with others in accomplishing the goals of the university, our students, the mission of Haskell and the tribes we serve.

The willingness to acquire the knowledge and skills required to advocate for, and to advance the sovereignty and self-determination of tribes, our university and the students we serve in a variety of diverse venues.

To strive toward the strongest level of accomplishment in our work, in every facet of the university and community, as students, staff, faculty, administration and the regents.

Institutional Code

Haskell Indian Nations University supports a campus environment in which traditional American Indian/Alaska Native cultural values of respect, cooperation, honesty, and responsibility are modeled by all University employees and students in day-to-day activities, conduct, behavior, and attitudes.

All employees, students, and representatives of Haskell Indian Nations University will:

  1. Treat all other employees, students and others with respect.
  2. Work together to improve and strengthen communications; employee, administrative, and student relations; institutional processes and procedures; and the learning environment of Haskell Indian Nations University.
  3. Be truthful in conduct behavior, and attitudes and trust others to do the same.
  4. Be accountable for words, thoughts, and deeds and engage in conduct and behavior that reflects the institutional values of the University.