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The decision to pursue higher education is one of the most important decisions you will make. There are many factors to consider as you make a choice that can have long-term and beneficial impacts on your life, family and community.

Haskell Indian Nations University can be an important starting point in your professional career. Your desire to learn and your willingness to identify what you need to do in order to become a successful college student will be important to your success.

Haskell provides a highly-qualified and committed faculty, unique degree programs and educational opportunities. Haskell also provides you with the chance to pursue a college degree with talented tribal students from across the United States. We invite you to consider Haskell Indian Nations University as your first choice in your educational journey.

Mission, Vision, Purpose

The academic vision of Haskell Indian Nations University is to prepare graduates to assume positions of political, economic, intellectual, artistic and environmental leadership in tribal, regional, national and international contexts. The academic community is committed to assisting tribal constituents through education in their efforts to address social, cultural, economic, educational, and environmental needs for the twenty-first century.

The academic mission of Haskell Indian Nations University is to educate students with the breadth of knowledge necessary for tribal people to meet the challenges of the coming decades.

The purpose of the academic curriculum is to enable students to pursue their professional aspirations within a culturally relevant context that considers American Indian and Alaska Native world views, philosophies, cultures and contemporary experiences.

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