Consumer Disclosure

Haskell Student Consumer Information

Haskell University is committed to providing clear, easy, and accurate access to consumer information as required by law. Upon request, paper copies of any of the information provided here will be made available. Our intent is to provide access to consumer information regarding University policy, procedure, and data so that the public is adequately informed on the community, academics, and campus, and students, their families, and other supporters can make informed decisions on their educational commitment.

These resources are compiled in accordance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act and other federal/state regulatory agencies. They have been assembled to inform prospective students, current students, employees, parents, and the community about Haskell Indian Nations University.

At Haskell, it is important for all students, staff, and faculty to be knowledgeable of the rights, roles, and responsibilities described in these notices, handbooks, and policies. In addition to being knowledgeable of these items, it is equally important that student, staff, and faculty maintain compliance to the standards set in order to ensure an environment that is safe, conducive to learning, and equitable in all facets of university business.

Any additional required disclosures will be presented through alternative measures by the appropriate office. (i.e. HIPPA, FERPA, Athletics, Financial Aid)