What does TRIO SSS stand for?
SSS stands for Student Support Services which is one of eight TRiO programs. TRiO is not an acronym but it refers to the number three, the original number of US federal programs to increase access to higher education for economically disadvantaged students. TRiO’s existence is owed to the passing of the Higher Education Act of 1965.
What is TRiO SSS’s goal?
The goal of SSS is to increase the college retention and graduation rates of its participants. (, U.S. Department of Education)
Why should I join TRiO SSS?
TRiO SSS has been helping students at Haskell since 2000. Statistics show that the program really works. We offer:

  • FREE tutoring
  • Graduation planning
  • Small grants to students who qualify
  • Academic guidance
  • Student advocacy
  • Community resource acquisition
  • Workshops on topics such as time management, study and test taking skills, writing, life skills
  • Your own personal Retention Specialist to help you coordinate all your academic resources
  • Campus visits to the University of Kansas
  • Graphing calculators for check-out (First come first serve)
  • Mini Laptops (First come first serve)
  • Free USB flash drive
Who is eligible for the TRiO program?
Students must meet the criteria of either low income, first generation (neither parent has a bachelor’s degree prior to applicants 18th birthday), and/or have a documented disability.
How do I apply to the TRiO program?
Students may apply online (download application) or in person. Stop by the TRiO SSS office in Stidham Union located at the very back of the building.
If I apply to TRiO SSS am I automatically in?
No. You will be officially notified if you are accepted into the program through the email address you provide on the application by a Retention Specialist. You will be notified of your status within one to two weeks.
I have been accepted into the TRiO program. What do I do next?
The first thing to do is to meet with your assigned Retention Specialist within two weeks. Students are not participants in the program until they sign their SSS contract with their retention specialist. SSS strongly encourages students to be as active in the program as possible. Students who stay in close contact with their retention specialist tend to feel more connected and do better academically. Read the SSS contract and please visit regularly with your retention specialist (preferably once per month).
Can TRiO help me pay for college?
TRiO does have a limited amount of grant aid available to eligible students. Priority for this aid is given to Freshman and Sophomore students. TRiO also helps students apply for scholarships. At the 2010 Haskell Award and Scholarship Recognition 29% of students receiving Special Scholarships were SSS-TRiO students and 41% of students receiving General Fund Scholarships were SSS-TRiO students. These numbers have remained fairly consistent for the past three years.
Can TRiO help me transfer? My degree is not offered at Haskell and I feel overwhelmed!
Student Support Services helps students set and obtain their educational goals. If your degree is not offered at Haskell TRiO SSS will work hard to help you understand the process of transferring to your college of choice and provide assistance as needed. SSS also organizes and sponsors campus visits to the University of Kansas.
I am an off-campus student with children in the home and I can’t pay my electric bill this month. Can TRiO help?
SSS TRiO can direct you to many resources available in Lawrence, KS for utility, rent, and/or other misc. assistance. For example, off-campus students can apply for Project DESERVE or request a referral to a local church for assistance with their electric bills.